TMM Energobud AG is a part of companies of TMM Group specialized in manufacturing and supplying of pipelines and pipeline elements for thermal, nuclear power plants, metallurgical and petrochemical works. TMM Group has strong relationships with experienced engineering and production companies from industries related to manufacturing and making use pipelines and his elements as well as engineering solutions for any kind of production units where are used pipelines. TMM Energobud AG is responsible for trading activities of of TMM Group WORLDWIDE. We are able to supply pipelines almost in any country all over the world. If you look for reliable supplier of pipelines, our company will be glad to provide you with excellent bespoke service and support.


TMM Energobud specializes in production of elements and assembly units of conduits for thermal and nuclear power plants, as well as for metallurgical and petrochemical works. TMM Energobud provides also services in carrying out of exploration, design works and preparation of working documentation on manufacturing production. TMM Energobud is staffed with high skilled specialists with operational experience in pipelines building.


We are building partnerships based on mutual trust and confidence.



Engineering company with a proven fourteen-years’ experience and a unique team of professionals specialized in EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) services in the field of energy and production of pipelines and pipeline elements of high, medium and low pressure for the most critical and demanding applications (nuclear and thermal power, oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical industry)


ZiO designs, engineers and fabricates steam and hot-water boilers of various types and output, firing diverse fuels (gaseous, liquid, solid) (conventional boilers, heat-recovery steam generators for combined cycle plants (with gas turbine units of 6 MW and over), hot-water boilers, boilers for incineration plants, etc. ZiO holds leading positions among power-machinery companies thanks to long-term experience and knowledge of its qualified staff in the sphere of engineering, fabrication, and adjustment both of the steam boilers and boiler island equipment.



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